Monday, 30 June 2014


You've probably seen one of those dp with Pharrel Williams' face from different years with no particular change or sign of him getting older right? Then the final caption tags him as a vampire since he sort of looks the same.

I guess I am also a vampire too. I mean, I looked at a picture I took in 2010 and compared it with the one I took just a month ago. There was no sign of me getting older.

               2010                                    2014

Last month I was in a customer's office. While I waited for the document I came for to be prepared, the lady got talking with me on personal grounds. She was intrigued at how young I look and yet was already working. She asked my age and when I replied she was beyond shocked. She said she thought I was 18 years old!
What??! Me? 18years old?? damn hilarious.

I burst out laughing right there. I get the whole you look young and all, but 18years old? That was just on a whole new level. She went on to say her 21 year old son looks a lot older than I.

Two weeks ago I wasn't feeling too good. I called for someone to take me to the hospital. I did the normal vital tests at the reception before I was ushered in to be examined by the doctor. By now my tie was loosened around my neck and I held my suit on my arm. This was about four in the evening. As I walked towards the doctor's desk, I was greeted with 'are you just closing from school?'

The hell??? Even with my suit? He thought I was a student. *weeps.
I used to think being dressed in suit would make me look a bit older but alas, it doesn't even help. Sort of even stirs up people's curiosity like 'who's this young chap on suit and already working?'

So I'm just imagining if and when I do get married, how I'd look. Like a kid or I dare say maybe the pastor would mistake me for the best man (or worse the little groom) *dies

I won't say I am short. No the time I would have easily admitted that has passed. I am proudly of average height or maybe even a bit above average. When I was in primary/secondary school and early university days, yea, that was when I was tiny/short. It's a miracle how I grew. Even my elder brother admitted one day that it amazes him how suddenly my height increased 'cuz he never thought I'd grow taller. *waves hand in thanksgiving

I have a smallish frame with a tiny waist. People keep laughing at me that my belt goes round my waist twice, oh well. Facially, I am a poster boy for baby face, even with the beards I once longed for even to the extent of applying methylated spirit to my face in S.S. 2 (sadly I wish they never came 'cus it’s so annoying and stressful maintaining them. Especially when bumps try to rear their ugly heads).

Then there's that my trade mark smile. I smile a lot and grin a lot too. Even when I'm serious at times I can't help but have a smile across my face. (Gives me a hard time convincing peeps I am serious those times). People say my smile is cute, don't know. I remember one day I was in a bus. I was chatting with someone (I smile so much when chatting, can't help it and then people think I have one sweetheart that I am always chatting with).

Back to my story, so a lady was sitting beside me in the bus that day. I didn't see her face because I was engrossed in the chat. Then I smiled again. She tapped me and asked if I was Iyosayi.

It was Jennifer Oribabor from my secondary school. And then she went on to say she had been looking at me but wasn't sure I was the one. But when I smiled, that smile, she'd always recognize it anywhere. *my head is still in cloud 9. Did I forget to mention Jennifer is really pretty? *runs off

Then I have this sheepish chuckle, people find it cute but of course my ‘frenemy’, O'nelly, hates it. Haha...that's his beans ni

All these I guess make me look so young in addition to my never aging face/stature. Seems nice right? But then everything that has an advantage always have a disadvantage. Even till my final year people kept thinking I was in hundred level. The most embarrassing was when I went to see my final year project supervisor. His colleague said she always thought I was in hundred level...what???? I was so embarrassed that day.

The whole young guy look has kinda helped me out of certain situations but then there are a few ugly ones, like the one that happen a week ago at work. I went down to get my keys from the security men at work. Earlier someone had taken it to the mechanic for repairs for me and dropped off the keys with them.
I exchanged pleasantries with the elderly men and young guys at the security post and asked for my key. One of them then said you are the ‘Iyosayi’ right? One guy came to drop your keys today, he said he's dropping it for one ‘tall’ guy. I could hear the sarcasm in his voice. I smiled, took my keys and went off.

I asked the guy later about what happened when he dropped off the keys and he said the men referred to me as 'is it that small boy that drives a ....' And that's the problem I have with humans.

Jealousy, low self esteem and the likes. You are in a place and well you seem like the youngest and but you are in a good place and other junior workers who maybe for one reason or the other were not fortunate to have gone to school start hating on you for no just reason. How bitter can people be? Instead of trying to better themselves and improve their cv, I mean there are many certifications out there now, yet they let jealousy and regret blind them and start hating on innocent people whom they have no idea the sacrifices those people might have made to get to where they are or the stress and painful experiences they have been through.

Hell! They see someone and feel the person is lucky or privileged or the person has a perfect life or things are just working fine for the person without the person having to work hard for a thing or even suffer. 
But sadly how wrong they just might be. They have no idea the scars the so called 'lucky one' carries or the personal wars he/she fights each day or just maybe the pain they bear but yet still manage to wear a smile.

Someone once said, if everyone was to throw their problems on the ground for all to see, we would all quickly pick ours back and walk away.

Guess I have digressed a lot. My initial plan was actually to write a not so serious note about my not aging but that last experience with the gatemen really pained me and reminded me of how someone once refused to do more business because of 'bad belle'. He asked how I came and I said the company car brought me. He then said 'so small boy like you has a driver'.

That's how he became jealous o and business went south. Can you imagine? So when people say maturity I just want to blow off the roof. Truth be told, no one is mature! Urgh! That guy really repulsed me. I mean, how low could someone's self esteem be?

I have refused to age; I am closer to 30years than 20years. I wonder how I'd look when I am 35years old. The sky’s blue that’s none of my business…

Well, what do I know...i am but just a kid